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Reasons To Choose Daycare Catering

· We focus on doing one thing exceptionally well– since 1991, we have specialized in feeding the bodies and minds of thousands of children with a consistently nutritious and tasty meal each and every day in daycare centers throughout Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. We love what we do and are confident that we are the best– in fact, we will provide a free, sample meal to any daycare center, group of parents or caregivers so they can taste our quality on a first-hand basis.

·As of July 2017, we serve over 3,500 meals each day to more than 57 schools and daycare centers throughout the Tri-State area. 

·We do our best to satisfy all of our customers– the kids, the parents, the caregivers and the Daycare Center Administrators.

·All food procurement and preparation meets or exceeds USDA, CAA and Department of Human Services recommendations and specifications.

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